Friday, 1 April 2011

Janey Loves Viridian Nutrition

One of my favourite companies is Viridian Nutrition

I love their Organic Echinacea, their milk thistle tabs and for omega 3 oils they're excellent too.

I sneak some of the kids omega 3 oil into their smoothies (ssh don't tell !)
Viridian have dozens of nutritional oils within their 170+ range of supplements, they have strict standards including only organic, cold-pressed, raw, virgin oils which are packaged in glass under a blanket of nitrogen to ensure freshness.

Viridian are regularly named ‘Best Buy’ by the Good Shopping Guide for the company’s commitment to pure ingredients, green business practices
amazing charity donation programme, which has so far donated more than £100,000 to a selection of children’s and environmental charities.

Viridian doesn’t bump up the price to make these donations, it is simply part of the company’s ethos.
check them out in independent health stores.