Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Thermomix TM - the only food processor that does everything!

Trust me guys I'm no domestic goddess but with this machine I'm getting there - I'm all for natural living but if you can one thing on the end of a plug that will change your life the way the Thermomix has changed mine I say 'Go girl'  (and guys  !)
I've always hated gadgets and food processors especially, having to change blades and bowls, having something man enough to cope with grinding really hard nuts to make nut butters and so on without starting to smoke has alwasy been a hassle, as I got more into raw food it became harder to make the food I wanted  with just a regular and a basic food processor - so answer ?   Sell aforementioned kit on ebay and invest in the one and only kitchen gadget you'll ever need The Thermomix TM
Heres some 'factoids' about the Thermomix 

        Lots of kitchen machines and gadgets all rolled into one compact unit, in my opinion wipes the floor with its main competitors such as the Vitamix
        Whether you’re a domestic goddess or raw foodie you’ll love it.
One bowl one blade, really easy to clean
Very sturdy and robust, doesn’t fall apart ! 
        Great for utterly smooth purees - this benefit is fantastic for those who have a medical condition that means they require pureed food, eg difficulty swallowing, would be brilliant for every hospital kitchen to have one.   of course great for cooking baby food too
        Saves space in the kitchen - you don’t actually need a kettle, blender, food processer, grinder et al. It's perfect for students, forget buying all the other stuff.
        Food allergies - great for coeliacs – you can grind your own flours from gluten-free grains
        Fab for raw food preparation, making nut butters etc , and you can control the termperature if you want heat to food to below boiling - it has a setting to heat to 37°C  
        Excellent for green smoothies and Gaspacho but also brilliant for making quick soups.
      Uses less than half the energy of an induction hob – minimal carbon footprint
        Saves time, effort and money, you can  I save around £3000 per year on groceries for a family of four because you never need to buy prepared sauces, soups or cake mixes etc.
        So good that top chefs use it too – we all wish we could make those lovely sauces and reductions that make the plate look so attractive – well watch Great British Menu or Heston’s cookery programmes and see how many times you can spot a Thermomix!

        Not available in stores, only by demonstration (the wonderful Janie Turner cam and produced all manner of goodies in my own home) or direct from UK Thermomix
         A high quality piece if kit at £885  including VAT, courier delivery, 300 recipe cookbook, 2 year domestic warranty or 1 year commercial warranty - and remember its the only bit of kitchen equipment you need, it wieghs, chops, grinds, boils, blends etc etc, in fact if you're a raw foodie you won't even need a stove !  

Clearly I'm devoted to this machine and no.....I'm not on commission - shame !!!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Tabitha James Kraan - holistic and organic hair salon

'Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges but eventually you find a hair stylist you like' Anon

Yep its official I am one of those bonkers women that travels 100 miles to get my hair done but hey its worth it. Having started down the slippery slope of colouring my hair (why oh why when I was a natural blonde ??) I am committed to the upkeep but want as little damage as possible to my tresses. Enter Tabitha James Kraan a truly holistic hairdresser, at her salons in Stow on the wold and Broadway in the Cotswolds she offers a unique service - not only organic and mineral colours which are far less harmful than conventional hair colours but also a full 'hair make0ver'

Tabitha offers advice you wouldn't usually imagine you'd hear from a hair stylist, she wrote a great section in my latest book 'Look Great Naturally without ditching the lipstick') she reocmmends not washing your hair too often, using hair oils and good old fashioned hair brushing ! I stop short of the hundred strokes a day but certainly since I've taken her advice my hair is looking much shinier and healthier.

A visit to the salon is a luxurious experience indeed, you're plied with herbal teas or proper capuccinos, delicious treats and best of all while your hair is being washed and massaged (oh yes !) you lie on a wondrous massage chair - honestly I nearly drifted off !

Tabitha really cares about holistic wellbeing and uses organic products such as the brilliant John Masters Organics and you can buy those products along with Dr Hauscka and the excellent Jane Scrivner range of skincare. Watch this space cos Tabitha is launching her own very exciting hair range soon.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Restore the body's natural harmony and balance with Health Kinesiology

I first encountered Health kinesiology when my little boy had trouble sleeping after an anaesthetic. This amazing treatment completely cured the problem and left him calm and happy. I’ve also seen it have dramatic effects on people with allergies, intolerances and all manner of emotional issues. Its fine for young children, even babies as the practitoner can use you as a surrogate -yet somehow the childs body responds.

Health kineisiology is a totally unique Bio Energy system that restores the body's natural energy and vitality, addressing the body-mind and spirit - and encouraging balance and improvements in all areas.

Health kineisiology....
Accesses the body's inner wisdom
Works on the Chinese meridian energy system and the stimulation of acupressure points.
Is totally non invasive (no needles are used)
Works very well along side healthcare and medical practitioners
Restores the body's natural sense of harmony and "togetherness" or "completeness"

To find a practitioner go to

Tone up at home with vibration plates from Reviber

At last something to help tone up the flab that doesn't cost the earth !
I used to use vibration plates in the gym and really felt toned but the machines were too huge and way too expensive to have at home. Imagine my delight at finding a product that’s got great reviews, is totally affordable, takes up minimal space and really works.
If you want to be looking and feeling your best, you need to be enjoying the benefits of regular exercise, and I love the Reviber Plus because it makes that so easy, convenient, and fun.
Just step on and you will start to work-out all the muscles that are keeping you balanced.... the legs, buttocks, and core muscles, and the Reviber Plus comes with resistance bands, keeping your arms toned and maximising your calorie burn.
The intensity of the exercise is completely in your control as there are 15 speeds to choose from. There's a speed for everyone, so whether you are already in-shape or new to exercise it’s fab.. I can’t recommend Reviber Plus highly enough!


Friday, 1 April 2011

Janey Loves Viridian Nutrition

One of my favourite companies is Viridian Nutrition

I love their Organic Echinacea, their milk thistle tabs and for omega 3 oils they're excellent too.

I sneak some of the kids omega 3 oil into their smoothies (ssh don't tell !)
Viridian have dozens of nutritional oils within their 170+ range of supplements, they have strict standards including only organic, cold-pressed, raw, virgin oils which are packaged in glass under a blanket of nitrogen to ensure freshness.

Viridian are regularly named ‘Best Buy’ by the Good Shopping Guide for the company’s commitment to pure ingredients, green business practices
amazing charity donation programme, which has so far donated more than £100,000 to a selection of children’s and environmental charities.

Viridian doesn’t bump up the price to make these donations, it is simply part of the company’s ethos.
check them out in independent health stores.

Janey Loves - haymax for hayfever

D H (darling husband) got hayfever for the first time last year, its weird how it can hit you at any time, just different pollens I guess but I really saw up close how debilitating it can be, I have friends who take 3 weeks off work every year its so bad ! Help is at hand in a one hundred per cent natural way - hurrah for Haymax

Haymax is a brilliant barrier balm and you literally apply it to your nostrils to stop the pollen entering.acts as a trap – or a blocker.

If applied to the bottom of the nose traps some of the pollen before it enters the body less pollen in the body, there’s less for the body to react against. Less pollen – Less sneezing

Lots of trials done and great results

Its Drug- free, Organic, and Natural with NO drowsy side effects. (Shouldn’t drive or operate machinery whilst taking anti-histamines - no problem with HayMax)

It’s suitable for Pregnant, and breast feeding women, and blokes - everyone really!

Kids - Hay fever causes a drop of 1 grade in exams, and (drowsy) anti histamines also cause a drop of one grade in exams!

3 types to choose from, pure, lavender or aloe vera, all have the same pollen blocking properties.

Choose smell they like best and/or the commonly accepted properties of the variety. HayMax Pure™ contains no essential oils. It’s perfect for those who don’t like the smell of Lavender or Frankincense, or who are particularly sensitive. Lavendar is – well lavender, very healing and therapeutic

Aloe Vera has no added fragrance and can soothes sore nose at the same time as it blocks the pollen.

It’s the brainwave of Max as in Haymax who suffered from hayfever for years till he found this wonder solution – available in lots of high street chemists, some supermarkets and at -