Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Thermomix TM - the only food processor that does everything!

Trust me guys I'm no domestic goddess but with this machine I'm getting there - I'm all for natural living but if you can one thing on the end of a plug that will change your life the way the Thermomix has changed mine I say 'Go girl'  (and guys  !)
I've always hated gadgets and food processors especially, having to change blades and bowls, having something man enough to cope with grinding really hard nuts to make nut butters and so on without starting to smoke has alwasy been a hassle, as I got more into raw food it became harder to make the food I wanted  with just a regular and a basic food processor - so answer ?   Sell aforementioned kit on ebay and invest in the one and only kitchen gadget you'll ever need The Thermomix TM
Heres some 'factoids' about the Thermomix 

        Lots of kitchen machines and gadgets all rolled into one compact unit, in my opinion wipes the floor with its main competitors such as the Vitamix
        Whether you’re a domestic goddess or raw foodie you’ll love it.
One bowl one blade, really easy to clean
Very sturdy and robust, doesn’t fall apart ! 
        Great for utterly smooth purees - this benefit is fantastic for those who have a medical condition that means they require pureed food, eg difficulty swallowing, would be brilliant for every hospital kitchen to have one.   of course great for cooking baby food too
        Saves space in the kitchen - you don’t actually need a kettle, blender, food processer, grinder et al. It's perfect for students, forget buying all the other stuff.
        Food allergies - great for coeliacs – you can grind your own flours from gluten-free grains
        Fab for raw food preparation, making nut butters etc , and you can control the termperature if you want heat to food to below boiling - it has a setting to heat to 37°C  
        Excellent for green smoothies and Gaspacho but also brilliant for making quick soups.
      Uses less than half the energy of an induction hob – minimal carbon footprint
        Saves time, effort and money, you can  I save around £3000 per year on groceries for a family of four because you never need to buy prepared sauces, soups or cake mixes etc.
        So good that top chefs use it too – we all wish we could make those lovely sauces and reductions that make the plate look so attractive – well watch Great British Menu or Heston’s cookery programmes and see how many times you can spot a Thermomix!

        Not available in stores, only by demonstration (the wonderful Janie Turner cam and produced all manner of goodies in my own home) or direct from UK Thermomix
         A high quality piece if kit at £885  including VAT, courier delivery, 300 recipe cookbook, 2 year domestic warranty or 1 year commercial warranty - and remember its the only bit of kitchen equipment you need, it wieghs, chops, grinds, boils, blends etc etc, in fact if you're a raw foodie you won't even need a stove !  

Clearly I'm devoted to this machine and no.....I'm not on commission - shame !!!