Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Janey Loves....Water Dechlorination shower filter

At so many of the events I speak at across the UK I meet people who tell me they've read my books, ditched the chemicals in their personal care products and in their home and yet they still have irritated skin or eczema. After all the usual suspects have been ruled out (dairy intolerance etc) it often comes down to the water they're bathing in. Its so easy to forget that in the UK our water is very hard and heavily chlorinated and we all know that chlorine is incredibly drying to the skin. (you know how you feel and smell just after swimming in a chlorinated pool even after showering !)

The answer my friend is hanging from a tap near you ! The first time I sampled the dechlorination bath ball I thought it didn't' work, I could still smell chlorine....until my husband told me he had forgot to use it when he ran the bath ! Now I never bathe without it, it softens the water and removes 100 per cent of the chlorine. The shower filter fits onto most shower attachments and cos its transparent you can see when it needs replacing cos the crystals change colour. My bath ball lasts me at least a year (and no I'm not too mucky...I bath the kids too !) and the shower filter even longer so they're great value.

Grab them in the store at http://www.janeyleegrace.com/

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Janey Loves...Sun Chlorella 'A'

With the amount I've had to do revamping janeyleegrace.com lately I've needed an energy boost ! Last summer I managed to grow wheatgrass but I've found it tricky in the winter. I'm thrilled then to be able to stoke up on green algae in the form of Sun Chlorella supplements, I've been chucking in 5 at a time and literally feeling my energy lift !

Sun Chlorella ‘A’ is a Japanese natural green algae whole food supplement - and contains a staggering range of nutrients including around 10% fibre, and due to its special component - Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) - it re-stimulates the growth and repair of cells, including the growth of good bacteria (Lactobacilli) four-fold once it’s absorbed, which aids digestive health. My naturopath recommends it cos it can improve Irritable Bowel syndrome but in truth it has so many benefits. We'll be offering an opportunity to sample this great product and theres a competition just opened too. I'm also thinking of getting the liquid version for the kids...watch this space.