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Thursday, 28 June 2012

The benefits of drinking Alkaline Water

Drinking water –ah where do we start, well one things for certain if you’re drinking tap water make it filtered, this is a very special filter jug as its also alkalising

Maintaining a correct body pH balance is vitally important if we are to enjoy good health. Proper body pH balance promotes health and vitality from cellular level. It keeps the body properly oxygenated which in turn helps to energise the body and support high levels of immunity.

We are alkaline by design but unfortunately modern diets, lifestyles, stress and environmental pollution can put excessive stress on our body's natural buffer systems leading to excess acidity in the blood and tissues. This in turn if not corrected can lead to serious health problems.
Most of know that excess acidity in the blood and tissues is a major result or cause of degenerative disease and good healthy alkaline antioxidant water is the most important nutrient people can take to help reduce excess acidity.

Drinking good alkaline antioxidant water is also great for the skin.  
The Biocera Alkaline Antioxidant Jug filters and alkalises your tap water turning it into mineral rich health promoting alkaline water which has antioxidant properties. The alkaline antioxidant filteruses a new generation of special natural ceramics that affects the water as it flows through it. Filtration through the Biocera alkaline jug filter changes the water that passes through it in four different ways by:

1.     Increasing the pH of the filtered water typically to between 8.5 and 9.5
2.     Changing the oxidation/reduction potential of the water (ORP) to between -100mV and -250mV.
3.     Reducing the size of the clusters of water molecules so that the water is more easily absorbed in the body.
4.     Putting into the water beneficial alkaline minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium.
The jug has a capacity of 1.8 litres of filtered water, suitable to fit most refrigerator doors. The waterfilter improves the quality of tap water and provides clear, clean water to be used for tea, coffee, cooking and for drinking water . In addition to creating high alkaline antioxidant water the alkaline jug filter cartridge reducing heavy metals, in addition to chlorine and dissolved organics such as pesticides.

 The filter jug looks like an ordinary jug but in operation is quite different.
1.   The jug filters the water passing through the cartridge, then the special minerals in the cartridge transform the water.
2.    If you use an ordinary filter jug the filtered water will probably be acidic which we do not consider to be best for health.
3.   The pH of the filtered water from the Biocera Jug is typically between 8.5 and 9.5.
4.   It's got antioxidant properties.

5.   The effect of the natural minerals in the water changes the structure of the water making it the water more readily absorbable in the body. It is better at hydrating the body.

6.   The reaction between the water and the natural minerals results in the release of active hydrogen. Research is showing that active hydrogen helps to work as an antioxidant by neutralising harmful free radicals.

7.    Alkaline antioxidant water from the jug is much more cost effective than buying bottled water – in addition to its health and environmental benefits 

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Femergy from Better You

Janey Loves Femergy from Better You

Antioxidants to the rescue!
One of my fave companies Better You (I love their Oral Vit D spray and just trialling their Vitamin B spray too) have sent me the latest in the Femergy Range of daily food supplements.
The Femergy Original Energy Boost is brilliant for helping you to deal with stress and overwhelm (boy do I need it badly !)   I'm really impressed that they contain nothing dodgy and they're suitable for vegans and vegetarians plus people who are coeliac too. 
Some of the selling points - 

  • Naturally caffeine and sugar free
  • Blend of finest herbal and food sourced ingredients to help maintain a feeling of energy, mental clarity and sexual alertness.
  • Taken daily but also when tiredness strikes, its powerful formulation nourishes and revives your body with positive effects that will build over time.
  • Provides natural help to balance hormones during times of stress or change.
More about the ingredients:
  • Peruvian Maca – a high-grade energy food bursting with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, trace minerals as well as simple and complex carbohydrates
  • Ginkgo Biloba – helps to increase blood flow and oxygen throughout the body’s network and used to treat symptoms including difficulties of concentration and memory
  • Suma – (also know as Brazilian Ginseng) is bursting with active compounds, including germanium which aids oxygen update within the blood
  • Cayenne Pepper – is a great feel-good spice and helps to make cells more permeable and more able to absorb nutrients.
Femergy Skin, Hair & Nails
  • A natural antioxidant formulation designed to help protect and repair vital tissue from the effects of pollutants, UV exposure, exercise and general modern lifestyle stress.
  • Reduced free-radical activity and excessive oxidative damage
  • Repairs damaged cell membranes and aids skin tissue elasticity and strength
  • Wholefood source of vitamin E equivalent to eating 200 almonds
More about the ingredients
  • Acerola cherries provide a powerful force of vitamin C. A rich antioxidant source, 30 times more powerful than oranges, with a deep purple pigment and notable taste, between dark chocolate and sharp berries
  • Pine Bark Extract is sourced from the bark of the maritime pine of South West France and is one of the most researched antioxidants within the health industry
  • Selenium is a trace mineral which helps to prevent cellular damage from free radicals and assist the immune system
  • Vitamin A is needed by our tissues for general growth and repair and is especially important for bone formulation, health skin and hair, and eyesight
  • Vitamin E is particularly effective to help regenerate skin cells and protect skin from the negative effects of free radicals.
Both formulas are natural botanicals, minerals and vitamins and have been chosen for their effectiveness and their ability to harmonise with your daily, hectic routine. Wholefood sourced nutrients ensure there is no disruption to our normal balance but a gradual and sustainable enhancement of our body’s natural functions.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Janey Loves CleanMarine Krill Oil

We all know the importance of essential fatty acids and fish oils in particular, but we are also very aware of the impurities in some fish oil capsules, also in order to get the dosage needed.  To that end I am delighted to find a high quality product and I need to take only one per day.!

Studies have shown that CleanmarineTM Krill Oil is more easily absorbed than fish oil yet provides significantly better DHA and EPA uptake in the body– 59 per cent better infact – this allows one small capsule a day to have the same effect as larger or a greater quantity of fish oil capsules.

Krill Oil has now been evaluated and directly compared to fish oil in a number of clinical trials and in all cases krill oil outperformed fish oil in terms of efficacy. CleanmarineTM Krill Oil has been shown to have the same clinical benefits as fish oil for Heart Health, Brain Function and Joint Health but at much smaller doses and IN ADDITION has been shown to have superior benefits for PMS, vision and weight loss.

Coming from the cleanest ocean on the planet – the Antarctic, and being low down in the food chain ensures the purity of CleanmarineTM Krill Oil without the need for the cleaning and processing that fish oils require to be consumable (See processing comparison table on next page).

CleanmarineTM Krill Oil is also the first marine Omega 3 Oil in Europe to be certified by the Marine Stewardship Council as being sourced from a sustainable and well managed fishery.

It contains a powerful anti-oxidant Astaxanthin, a powerful anti-oxidant that gives krill their reddish colour provides a healthy anti-oxidant boost and keeps CleanmarineTM Krill Oil fresh, preserving its delicate Essential Fatty Acids.  Fish Oils do not contain astaxanthin and anti-oxidants have to be added separately later in the processing stages.

Its traceable from Sea to Shelf - in fact entering the lot number on the box into will indicate where the Krill where fished in the Antarctic.

Best of all it has no fishy repeat!
As the Omega 3 in CleanmarineTM Krill Oil is in phospholipid form which is the same form found in our body it does not need converting before being absorbed by the body.  The Omega 3 in fish oils are in Triglyceride form and require converting before being absorbed into the blood stream.  This conversion process produces the “fishy burp” that is often associated with fish oil consumption.  CleanmarineTM Krill Oil does not produce this repeat !!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Janey Loves Sosatec Balancers

Sosatec balancers
You’’ll be aware I’m sure that I’m very passionate about alerting people to the problems of EMF’s - Electro Magnetic Frequencies.
We’re bombarded with electromagnetic radiation from radio stations, TV transmissions, microwaves from mobile phone masts and electric and magnetic fields from our home & work appliances and we begin to see that our natural body defenses are overloaded!
The human body is bombarded by this disorganized chaotic energy created by energy surges from electrical and electronic devices, This bombardment on the human body, irritates the brain subconsciously, causing an inner stress subconsciously, which in turn can influence some of the body functions.  Of course we can’t go back in time but there are some products that can help to mimimse the effects on us.
 In Sweden, ElectroSensitivity is officially regarded as a 'Physical Impairment'. 230,000 people (2.5%) in Sweden alone are recognized as being ElectroSensitive in some form.
Figures for other countries do not exist, but estimates can be made using the 2.5% figure. A UK government agency recently acknowledged that is a real condition with sufferers.
SOSATEC Balancers I’m told,are made of high grade electronic silica programmed with natural botanical, mineral and harmonic frequencies, at a quantum level, embedded in a quality acrylic resin.  These natural quantum frequencies become in tune with the body’s biofeld, easing the irritation on the subconscious caused by the chaotic disorganized energy. Thus reducing stress, improve mental agility, balance, and increased overall sense of well-being.

After wearing SOSATEC Balancer’s, people report having clearer thinking, increased awareness, calmness, better sleep, enhanced mental focus, endurance, stamina, vitality and more.  I asked an independent kineisiologist to test my strength with and without it and he was very impressed.
Its tricky to explain how it works so I caught up with the main man David from Sosatec – watch the vid !!!

Sosatec Balancers

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Janey Loves The Pelvic Toner

A new survey reveals that Helena Bonham Carter is not alone in confessing to weak bladder problems (stress incontinence) after childbirth...If only she knew about The PelvicToner !

You may have read the interview recently with leading actress Helena Bonham Carter where she admitted needing to wear nappies on the set of Harry Potter due to her pelvic floor muscles being so weak after the birth of her second child.    Childbirth can have a dramatic and damaging effect on your body, and my recent You and Your Body after childbirth survey revealed that over 50 per cent of new mums have experienced embarrassing leaks !

These embarrassing urine leaks can occur when they laugh, cough, sneeze or exercise. This is called stress incontinence and occurs because the pelvic floor muscles have been stretched and weakened by the birth process. Coughing, sneezing etc put pressure (stress) on the bladder and because the supporting pelvic floor muscles are weakened this leads to unexpected and embarrassing leakage.

The problem may not appear immediately but many mums notice it particularly when they begin rough and tumble games with their toddler. Playing on trampolines or bouncy castles can be especially stressful!
Problems caused by childbirth will not go away unless you take positive action to improve the strength of your pelvic floor.  Do nothing and when your muscles begin to naturally lose muscle tone, during and after the menopause, then the problem will get worse. Half of women over the age of 50 suffer from stress incontinence.

Doctors know that in 80% of cases stress incontinence can be cured just by doing effective exercises to strengthen your muscles. The Pelvic Toner has been proven in clinical trials and is available from your GP on prescription. - free of charge if you hold a Maternity Exemption Certificate.
It's a simple and effective exercise device that helps you confidently identify the correct muscles that you need to exercise, it then makes your exercise particularly effective by encouraging you to squeeze against a slight resistance provided by springs inside the device.

Just 5 minutes of exercise 3 or 4 times a week can have a dramatic impact on your quality of life.
Most users  report that tighter vaginal muscles have another very beneficial effect and help restore intimate contact and sexual pleasure for both you and your partner especially after childbirth and the menopause.
Ask your doctor, or get The PelvicToner from

Friday, 13 April 2012

Janey Loves Syno Vital from Modern Herbals


I'm a big fan of Modern Herbals and am trialling their Syno Vital Hyoloronan  supplements.      Hyaluronan is known as ‘nature’s moisturizer.   Hyaluronan could be described as the very glue which holds our body together, its a universal component of the spaces between the cells of body tissues (extracellular space)       Hyaluronan is a natural component of cartilidge and joint fluid.

Hyaluronan plays an important role in tissue hydration, lubrication, and cellular function, and holds more water than any other substance.  Hyaluronan is in the family of ‘glycosaminogylcans’, but due to it’s unique restorative ability, it will often provide improvement, where glucosamine and chondroitin have failed to do so.

It works through several mechanisms of action including restoration of more normal synovial fluid with improved viscoelasticity , effects on biosynthesis and degradation, anti-inflammatory effects, and direct analgesic effects. This is the most important effect it has for athletes.

 Hyaluronan is a special protein that is the normal lubricant in human joints. When present in a joint, even a joint with minimal or no cartilage, it can provide a cushion effect.

According to research, taken daily HA helps rebuild the “pillow” of fluid that cushions joints for fully 97%  people who try it, and experts say it may even stimulate the repair  joint cartilage, the natural padding at the end of the bones. Hyaluronan makes up 80% of the human eye, of the healthy vitreous collagen 92% is Hyaluronic Acid, whilst only 8% is chondroitin sulphate.

Hyaluronan breakdown can result in what are called floaters, clumps of protein in the vitreous body that interfere with light travelling through the eye.

Degraded HA makes the eye prone to floaters and retinal detachment.

Hyaluronan, depletes from the age of 40 years, and then by the age of  60 we lose 150mgs per day, this is when ageing accelarates.

Syno-Vital hyaluronan supplement is the higest grade HMW HA, The old adage… “we are not what we eat ! but what we absorb and assimilate” Is absolutely true, especially with Hyaluronan supplementation.

ABC news went to Yuzurihara to discover their anti-aging secret. Dr Toyosuke Komori the town Doctor had been studying this population for over 60 years. He noted that there never been a case of skin cancer in
Yuzurihara and one woman in her 90’s had flawless skin. Few people developed age-related problems such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer. Dr Komori attributed the longevity and good health of the residents of Yuzurihara to a substance called Hyaluronic acid. (ABC News Nov.2, 2000).