Thursday, 14 April 2011

Tabitha James Kraan - holistic and organic hair salon

'Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges but eventually you find a hair stylist you like' Anon

Yep its official I am one of those bonkers women that travels 100 miles to get my hair done but hey its worth it. Having started down the slippery slope of colouring my hair (why oh why when I was a natural blonde ??) I am committed to the upkeep but want as little damage as possible to my tresses. Enter Tabitha James Kraan a truly holistic hairdresser, at her salons in Stow on the wold and Broadway in the Cotswolds she offers a unique service - not only organic and mineral colours which are far less harmful than conventional hair colours but also a full 'hair make0ver'

Tabitha offers advice you wouldn't usually imagine you'd hear from a hair stylist, she wrote a great section in my latest book 'Look Great Naturally without ditching the lipstick') she reocmmends not washing your hair too often, using hair oils and good old fashioned hair brushing ! I stop short of the hundred strokes a day but certainly since I've taken her advice my hair is looking much shinier and healthier.

A visit to the salon is a luxurious experience indeed, you're plied with herbal teas or proper capuccinos, delicious treats and best of all while your hair is being washed and massaged (oh yes !) you lie on a wondrous massage chair - honestly I nearly drifted off !

Tabitha really cares about holistic wellbeing and uses organic products such as the brilliant John Masters Organics and you can buy those products along with Dr Hauscka and the excellent Jane Scrivner range of skincare. Watch this space cos Tabitha is launching her own very exciting hair range soon.