Thursday, 28 July 2011

Live Wheatgrass - raw and living superfood!

I'm a huge fan of fresh wheatgrass, the powders are excellent for when you're travelling but recently I've really got into live Wheatgrass, you can grow your own in trays but even quicker and easier is to buy frozen wheatgrass.   I was thrilled to hear about Live Wheatgrass who ship out live field grown wheatgrass in little shot sizes that are stored in the freezer.     Why drink wheatgrass juice ?   Well its a raw and living super food,packed full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino-acids and optimal chlorophyll all of great benefit to your health.   Heres a few factoids for you...... 

·         Wheatgrass juice is one of the riches sources of chlorophyll on this planet
·         One ounce of wheatgrass juice contains 13 times more vitamin A than lightly broccoli
·         There is the same amount of Vitamin E in just 1 ounce of Wheatgrass juice as there is in 700g (1.5lb) of lightly boiled broccoli.
·         Vitamin B complex – wheatgrass juice contains all 8 B vitamins

These shots are great as they are affordable at around £1 a day if you buy around 3 months supply.   I was originally concerned that vital nutrients wil be lost in the freezing but Im assured that its a tiny amount as its frozen immediately.   Live Wheatgrass are the
only company in the UK and Europe, that grow their wheatgrass outside on organic fields  in organic natural soil. It is grown for 2-3 months and has therefore had the time to mature naturally under the sun so that  means higher levels of vitamins and minerals, no sugar and no mould. Just 100% pure instantly frozen juice.

You can drink the shot as it is or if you prefer add it to a small glass of apple juice to taste.   I often make a dark green smoothie, with one apple, spinach, cucumber, celery and then blend the lot with a chunk of advocado and a wheatgrass shot straight from the freezer (it acts like an ice cube !)

This company are so convinced of the  health benefits of the wheatgrass juice, that if you don't feel the benefits after one month they will refund you 110% on your first one month order.  !   Also you can get one extra weeks worth free when with your first order when you type 'janeyloves' into the checkout  By the way it arrives in a huge container so I was initially concerned about the packaging but this excellent company come and collect it from you and re-use.  I even reuse the little plastic containers so nothing goes to waste.