Friday, 29 July 2011

Eco2life - really green cleaning products

I'm a big fan of natural and eco cleaning products but sometimes get fed up with schlepping huge containers from the supermarket or health shop,the containers are mostly water anyway and I've also noticed that some of the so called 'eco' brands are indeed sustainable in terms of packaging but still contain some pretty scary synthetic chemicals.

Enter into my world then - Eco2life - a brilliant refill and resuse system with really natural ingredients that actually work. It’s made from naturally derived readily biodegradable ingredients: Coconut, Corn, Sugar Cane and Vegetable derived surfactants. There are No Silicate or Caustics, no Petroleum Solvents, no Parabens, no Phosphates and it’s Chlorine Free.

Well when it arrived I thought Planet Earth had literally sent me a tiny sample and thats when I realised just how brilliant their refill and reuse system is. Top eco credentials !
You simply fill your empty eco2life spray bottle about 2/3 full with cold tap water, add the contents of the little eco2life refill, gently fill the bottle with cold tap water, insert the spray trigger in to the bottle and screw closed until tight, give the bottle a few light shakes and your are ready to go
Brilliant ! There is no shlepping of ‘water’ back and forth to the supermarket, dramatically reducing land fill, requiring less production, less energy, less packaging

I’m told its been Scientifically tested and proven by 'SATRA' to be as good if not better than the leading brand in the sector

Theres an excellent multi surface cleaner, a floor cleaner and a glass cleaner and I'm hoping they'll find a way of introducing laundry liquid.