Monday, 13 June 2011

Doidy cup from Bickiepegs - natural and healthy alternative to spouted cups and bottles

Is your little one sucking frantically on a plastic trainer cup ?  this could change everything !

If you’ve just welcomed a new addition to the family or you know someone who has, I want to tell you about a revolutionary product that you simply must have, I came across the Doidy cup when my little girl was a few months old and I was really fed up I hadn’t known about it for my other 3 kids, I’d done some research and found that speech therapists don’t recommend the usual plastic training cups that babies drink from as they were seeing children aged 5 and over with speech problems due partly to the use of spouted training cups.  I've never liked them either, I always worried about the plastic especially when it got scratched and if you’ve ever tried to drink from one of those cups you’ll know just what an odd shape you have to force you mouth into to get anything through the spout.

They come in a great range of colours and the unique design helps children to drink from a rim rather than forcing their lips into an unnatural position to drink from a spout or bottle.
I'm not a fan of the plastic and importantly Doidy cups are made from food safe materials and don't contain bisphenol, pvc or phthalates.

You can use them from 3 months or earlier and they're fine for expressed breast milk, recommended by health professionals and  by the national Childbirth trust.

You can buy them at lots of nursery outlets and John Lewis and from
Yes - the company behind the Doidy cup are also behind ......................

Bickiepegs teething biscuits, a unique brand developed many years ago by a leading Harley St Paediatrician and used for many years in royal nurseries 

They’re not wheat and gluten free but they do contain
matural wheatgerm and wheatflour.   Theres no added sugar, salt, additives, colourings or chemicals and they are handmade in a dedicated bakery in Scotland 

Of course the idea of the teething biscuits is to encourage chewing skills to develop correctly by exercising the jaws

They're recommended by health professionals, dentists and midwives, you can find them in chemists, supermarkets and at -