Friday, 27 May 2011

Hayfever kit and natural summer remedies from Weleda

Weleda are one of my all time favourite companies, they were founded in 1921 (long before 'organic and sustainable was fashionable !)  and have consistently been a leading brand of natural
beauty and healthcare.  Their natural remedies are based on their anthrosophical principles.   Best of all they really work ! 

Lets start with hayfever.  I'm lucky enough not to be suffering this year but have passed this on to a friend with sore eyes and a streaming nose, so far its working a treat !  The Hayfever kit offers two solutions in one handy pack.  The homeopathic remedy Mixed Pollen 30 which has a comprehensive mixture of plant pollens, the ones most likely to trigger hayfever symptoms.   The soothing Rhinodoron Nasal Spray, which helps to clear the nasal passages as it contains organic aloe vera to moisturise and calm the irritation.  The Hayfever kit is 100 per cent natural and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 
These are all essentials for my summer natural medicine kit so thanks to Weleda for allowing me to review such great products.  Watch this space -  lots more to come on Weledas gorgeous skincare and beauty products also
Other great summer travel remedies from Weleda – perfect for the family medicine cupboard include ......

Calendula Lotion and ointment for cuts and grazes, always my first choice for the kids and I was lucky enough to visit Weleda's beautiful biodynamic garden and harvest some marigolds as used in their calendula lotions.
Calendolon Ointment to soothe cuts and minor wounds
Melissa Comp Drops for nausea (useful for travel sickness) and minor holiday tummy troubles
Arnica Ointment for bumps and bruises, an old favourite and don't underestimate the effect of Arnica, we use it constantly.
Combudoron Lotion for insect bites
Rhinodoron Nasal Spray (as contained in the hayfever kit) great for in-flight dry nose with air conditioning, and to soothe sore noses irritated by dust and swimming pool chemicals