Monday, 27 February 2012

Sun Chlorella

Chlorella long been associated with detox and immune boosting properties - theres long been arguments around Natural versus Synthetic Vitamins Of course nutrients from a natural source are superior to synthetic supplements.   Sun chlorella has an amazing large yield of protein and it’s a unicellular fresh water green algae.
There are many other applications that are now coming to light now aside from simply boosting immunity. Pregnancy and Sport are two new areas where chlorella is being used and researched. Sun Chlorella has been investing in R&D since the 60s.

Pregnancy  - A survey highlighted many gaps in the nutritional knowledge of pregnant women. In particular many women were unaware of symptoms that can arise in pregnancy that can be triggered by nutrient deficiencies. One example is the common problem of anaemia, caused by deficiency in nutrients such as iron, folate and vitamin B12.  The research strongly supports the benefits of taking Sun Chlorella during pregnancy and breastfeeding for decreasing the incidence of anaemia, the amount toxins in breast milk, and increasing IgA concentrations in breast milk.

We’ve all heard about vitamin D deficiency and most recently in relation to deficiency in pregnant women and the increase of childhood rickets. Sun Chlorella is also a good natural source of vitamin D

Sun Chlorella are becoming known in this area via an association with Ruben Tabares who is a nutritionist, trainer to professional sportsmen and celebrities, as well as a professional hurdler training for the 2012 Olympics. He uses Sun Chlorella with his clients and personally to increase energy, alkalise lactic acid post workout and to aid repair via the nucleic acids in Chlorella Growth Factor.

I also love this liquid which contains not all but some of the nutrients, great for giving to the kids if they won't take the caps, although they're very tiny (the caps not the kids !!)