Thursday, 22 September 2011

Organic Perfume rocks !

Janey Loves Rich Hippie Organic Perfume from Beauty Bazaar

As someone who promotes natural skincare and beauty products I'm often asked if I can recommend a great 100 per cent natural perfume, up until recently I've advised people to make their own blends using essential oils but at last I've found an excellent funky new brand. bring us the fabulous 100 per cent natural and certified organic range of perfumes, eau de toilettes and roll-ons that smell great and are good for our health and the environment also.

By the way chemical scents are responsible many people say for triggering asthma attacks, headaches and insomnia, and some are endocrine disrupters, (they'll play havoc with your hormones)  some of the chemicals have also managed to end up in fish so the food chain will be affected also.

Back to the good news then, Beauty Bazaar sell little samples so you can test out the fragrance you like, bear in mind the staying power of the perfume won't be as long as your usual chemical brand, probably only staying on your skin for 2-4 hours but this gives you an opportunity to save the sensual pleasure of re-applying !

25 organic perfumes to choose from with funky names like Rock Star, Foxy Lady, Hoochie Coochie and you can choose from Eau de Parfum Roll-On, Perfume Roll-On or the Perfume Bottle.